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The days are long – the years are short – the best reason for living one day at a time

I’ve heard the worn-out cliche  many times – live one day at a time.  For the past two weeks plus I have breathed and lived this message.  It is not really so empty in the grand scheme of things.  Waking up hour by hour all night from shortness of breath drives home the frailty that is our life – breath in, breath out, not even do we live in days, but minutes.   Each new day, in the moment of awakening, feels like a miracle has erupted.  What did the comedian say … Wake up with pure impertinence  in the morning, look around, feel your fingers, stretch your toes and rejoice loudly, “I’m back!”

All this happens when you are called to wonder frequently what your inner body is up to.  What is going on with the major organs, the vital life-giving blood system, the creeky suspicious pains that sneak around to taunt your fears.  This is the stuff of surgical complications and it has a worthwhile message.

It has been a good lesson.  I have lain awake thinking of all the joys I have encountered, the lucky person I am, the love that surrounds me.  I have also tossed and turned feeling terrified and afraid.  Where does blackness lead?  What might be next?

Life brings it when we least expect it.  So, yes, start living one day at a time.  Savor it, revel in it and don’t miss one tiny tidbit of the joy in it.  You won’t be sorry when you need comforting thoughts in the depth of the night.


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