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Broken leg recovery – graduating to a cane

Six weeks since surgery and my biggest breakthrough has been starting to use a quad cane.  Letting go of the walker was a triumphant moment.  Albeit I am much slower with the cane, but I can sense that my leg is handling more weight and that should speed up recovery.

The best design for my cane turned out to be a four legged (quad) model called HuGo.  It has a solid four-pronged base and I have already started to feel secure with it.  Of course, while in transition, I was shaky and it took some time to find the rythmn but slowly HuGo and I are moving in unison.

So the six week marker finds me feeling about 92% physically strong, so close to regaining all my energy; on my feet, now with a cane.  The discourgement factor still strikes daily, especially when I find myself moving with such painstaking slowness.   Improvement is a turtle, but at least we’re in the race.