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slow road back

I admit I lost energy,  to even write in my blog.  Days just seem to plod along, sometimes up, sometimes down.  It is taking what seems like an interminable time to feel well, really well, for any length of time.  Just when I think I’ve made it,  have one really good day, I awake the next morning feeling tired and grow more and more weary throughout the day.  The shortness of breath seems very pronounced during those times.

More people have impressed on me how lucky I am to be alive.  For me, I am really getting it … how valuable good health is.  I know I took mine for granted.  Now the days I feel well, I try to savor the moments, see the beauty around me, really drink it all in.  For the first time, life in general seems vulnerable.  You never know, eh!


Frightening complication after hip surgery

Well, I haven’t been on for awhile and there is a reason.  Remember how I mentioned that I had incredibly sore muscles in the back of my injured leg as I was recovering.  Well, let me tell you, if that happens to you see a doctor immediately.  I used hot water bottles and nursed my leg never suspecting anything.  A big mistake.  A major complication of surgery was stealthily creeping through my body.

While visiting my doctor, not the surgeon, on an entirely different matter, I happened to mention that I had noticed some shortness of breath during the night before.  He began to question me, examined my injured leg, which was always a little swollen, at that point.  Immediately he ordered a blood test.  The outcome … learned after chest x-rays, CT scans and leg ultrasounds …. is I have clots in both lungs and two in my leg.  At least I did … I have been on medication for over one week.  Such a scary time.  Blood tests every second day … emergency visits twice.  And this all happened in the ninth week after leaving hospital.

Surgery for a broken leg is very serious and I am just learning how high the death rate is during the first year following the injury.  Did you know the death rate is 20 to 36%, depending on age?  Just the day before visiting my general practitioner, I had met with the surgeon.  From his perspective everything was perfect, the bone was ‘healed’ and only required strengthening.  But as I see now, there is so much more to it then the healing of the bone!  I’ll keep you posted.  Has anyone else dealt with similar problems?