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Frightening complication after hip surgery

Well, I haven’t been on for awhile and there is a reason.  Remember how I mentioned that I had incredibly sore muscles in the back of my injured leg as I was recovering.  Well, let me tell you, if that happens to you see a doctor immediately.  I used hot water bottles and nursed my leg never suspecting anything.  A big mistake.  A major complication of surgery was stealthily creeping through my body.

While visiting my doctor, not the surgeon, on an entirely different matter, I happened to mention that I had noticed some shortness of breath during the night before.  He began to question me, examined my injured leg, which was always a little swollen, at that point.  Immediately he ordered a blood test.  The outcome … learned after chest x-rays, CT scans and leg ultrasounds …. is I have clots in both lungs and two in my leg.  At least I did … I have been on medication for over one week.  Such a scary time.  Blood tests every second day … emergency visits twice.  And this all happened in the ninth week after leaving hospital.

Surgery for a broken leg is very serious and I am just learning how high the death rate is during the first year following the injury.  Did you know the death rate is 20 to 36%, depending on age?  Just the day before visiting my general practitioner, I had met with the surgeon.  From his perspective everything was perfect, the bone was ‘healed’ and only required strengthening.  But as I see now, there is so much more to it then the healing of the bone!  I’ll keep you posted.  Has anyone else dealt with similar problems?