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Eight weeks after surgery on my broken hip – a ways to go

Well, the eighth week was not what I was hoping.  Wouldn’t it be great to see the end of pain and challenge, at least, somewhere in sight.  Not yet.

What am I noticing?  First, the muscle in the calf and under the knee is tight and very painful for walking.  Even though I am able to use a regular cane, I am hobbling more now than last week.  I’m guessing it is the stretching of a muscle that has atrophied somewhat.   The only thing that helps with the pain is a hot water bottle.  In fact, I now have three hot water bottles and they are in use pretty consistently.  The foot swells as well, so I work the leg with a walk then nurse it by sitting on the bed, leg propped up with an oh-so warm and comforting water bottle.  I wrestled with this pain for about three days.  Now it has abated and I’m guessing the muscle has strengthened.  First hurdle of this period, overcome.  On we go.  I am remembering the physiotherapist said 9 months.  I had chosen to hear the six week prognosis.  Oh well.